Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.


We are Participating in the TECH Biz EXPO 2015!

TECH Biz EXPO is a huge exposition in the Chukyo region that is held through the sponsorship and cooperation of several autonomous bodies and charitable corporations including the Nagoya city. It has been clearly stated that this exposition is
(1) A place to match the demand for advanced technologies and solution proposals with corporate needs that arise as a result of development of prior arts and new products.
(2) A place where one can associate with not only different countries, autonomous bodies, universities, and public research organizations, but also with several industrial organizations and associated companies, and where modern technologies that help resolve technical issues from an academic and job-site point of view are offered.
In the past, embrella® has mostly participated in expositions held in the Kanto region, and therefore, the opportunities of having a direct conversation with customers from the west of the central part were limited. Last year too, we participated in an exposition held at the Port Messe Nagoya Hall, but this exposition is held every other year, and it was the first time we participated. Although this exposition offers limited opportunities, we would like to increase transactions with various companies that lie to the west of the central region.
At the TECH BIZ EXPO, we would be exhibiting latest case examples, such as the example of mass production of heat insulating panels, as well as aluminum battery covers manufactured by embrella® that have been widely adopted in Subaru Impreza Sport HYBRID. Moreover, embrella® has won the “Good Design Award 2015”, and has received high evaluation not only for functionality but also for design. The first exposition after winning this award would be the TECH Biz EXPO 2015. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing everybody at the exposition.
The entry charges for the exposition are 1,000 yen/person. Entry is free for persons bearing invitation cards, those who have registered beforehand from the website, students, and foreign visitors.