Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.


Participation in the Automotive Engineering Exposition

Fukai MFG will again participate in this year’s Automotive Engineering Exposition.
The Automotive Engineering Exposition is a special expo for automobile-related technology for the engineers and researchers working at the cutting edge of the automobile industry. While continuing to challenge ourselves in the ever-progressing automobile industry we shall continue to develop, and we are proud to have some of the largest exhibits in Japan.
The 2016 expo is the first to be held in both Yokohama and Nagoya in the same year since 2014, and Fukai MFG will have exhibitions at both venues.


Our exhibitions will focus on mass production case studies for our patented embrella® technology. Thus far, Fukai MFG has received the Minister’s Prize (Ministry of Environment) and many other prizes from ministries and prefectures for our light weight environmental technology. As well as the automobile industry, we believe that embrella® can be used in many other fields, and we hope to fulfill our responsibility as a company by in the future contributing to the prevention of global warming and environmental protection on a global scale.
Fukai MFG booth numbers are 256 (Yokohama) and 33 (Nagoya). We look forward to seeing you at the exposition.