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Established a mid-term business policy [Step up to First Class]

Established a new mid-term business plan [Step up to First Class] because of the end of the term of the previous mid-term business plan [Challenge 200].
Mid-term business policy [Step up to First Class]
Term: (April 01, 2015 to March 31, 2018)
(Term 78 to Term 80)
[Basic Policy]
(1) Safety: Challenge to realize zero accidents
(2) Quality: Challenge to realize zero defects
(3) Human resource: Morale improvement
[Business Objectives]
(1) Gain: Sales profit ratio of over 5%
(2) Constitution: Enhancement of ratio of net worth to total capital (improvement of 15 points in numerical targets)
(3) Foray into America: FTIC early stabilization, 2019 single year profitability turnaround
[Action Guidelines]
“Honestly, Steadily, Thoroughly”
“Speed, Communication, Thinking”

Marronnier Eco Plant Awards: Fukai takes the special award

Japan’s Tochigi prefecture, where Fukai is located, has given an award each year since 2009 with the aim of commending a factory in Tochigi that is undertaking top quality initiatives related to environmental protection, raising awareness of environmental initiatives among residents of the prefecture by advertising them to the residents, and further promoting independent environmental protection activities.
This year, Fukai took the special award in the Marronnier Eco Plant Awards.
In accordance with the energy saving act, Fukai makes proactive efforts to conserve energy and to reduce CO2 emissions every year. We hope that our patented embrella ® technology continues to be utilized in many fields for reducing weight and the amount of raw materials used.
About the Marronnier Eco Plant Awards

Our company was featured in the December edition of “Sokeizai”

 Fukai received the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Prize from the Director-General and our Embossed Thermal Barrier Plate Press Forming Technology Development (embrella®) was reported on as the special “Sokeizai Monthly” in the most recent December edition of “Sokeizai,” the monthly publication issued by the Sokeizai Center Association.


Details regarding the award ceremony are noted at the Sokeizai Center website at the following link. Please have a look.

2014 “Sokeizai Industrial Contribution Awards”

Will participate in the Automotive Weight Reduction Technology Exhibition

In recent years, while weight and size of vehicles has increased due to demands of safety and comfort, there is continued demand for weight reduction technology to improve mileage.
This exhibition is a specialized technical exhibition gathering all raw materials, processed materials, machining technologies, and weight reduction components in a single hall (Quoted from the website for the exhibition).

As always, we will participate in this technical exhibition. It is scheduled to be held January 14 (Wed) to January 18 (Fri).
Weight reduction is an eternal issue with vehicles. In particular, general-purpose technologies that can achieve both weight and cost reduction have recently gathered a lot of attention.
The patented technology embrella® that we have developed has garnered a lot of attention each year touting vehicle weight reduction as just one of the many weight reduction technologies that achieves both lightness and inexpensiveness.

Starting with application as a thermal barrier plate on the Suzuki “Swift” in 2010, this has been applied as a thermal barrier plate on the Mitsubishi Motors “Outlander” (gasoline automobile) in 2012 as well as the Mitsubishi Motors “Outlander PHEV” in 2013. In addition, it has been used as an aluminum battery cover on Subaru’s first hybrid car “XV Hybrid,” and applications other than as thermal barrier plates are continuing to grow.

In addition, with application to the small truck Dost of India’s Ashok Leyland and on the compact SUV “Korando C” by Korea’s SsangYong Motor, the embrella® has started to expand onto the global market and the latest information will be provided.

At low cost, the highly rigid, lightweight panel embrella®, has become a new de facto standard and will continue to expand onto the market. In the future, we would like to take this technology beyond automotive where through achieving application in various industries, we can contribute to the global competitiveness of Japan and in the future we can contribute to preventing global warming on a worldwide level and through doing so contribute as a corporation to society.

This year our booth will be in the west hall and so will be some distance from the main east hall; however, please come by and see us. We look forward to seeing everyone at the exhibition.



Will participate in the 2014 Automotive Engineering Exposition Nagoya

 With regards to the Automotive Engineering Exposition that is normally held in Spring in Yokohama, we have heard quite a number of customers west of the central Japan are not willing to make the trek. In order to respond to this demand, this year it will be held in Nagoya for the first time. We will also exhibit at the first held 2014 Automotive Engineering Exposition Nagoya.

This year, after exhibiting in Yokohama, we are planning on exhibiting the first foreign application on the small truck Dost, a product of Ashok Leyland of India as well as for the Korando C of SsangYong Motor of Korea.


Re-registration of “Tochigi Declaration: Balance Family Life and Job”

“Tochigi Declaration: Balance Family Life and Job”
Build an environment enabling displaying of talents regardless of gender.
– Promote taking annual leave enabling participation in children’s school events.
– A no overtime day was put in place to revise working style.
– Promote taking annual planned holidays for enrichment of health and family life.
– Proactive acceptance of workplace experience for middle school students and internships for high school students.

The above declarations have been registered this year.

Claimed an Honorable Mention by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology!

 In the 64th Tochigi-ken invention exhibition (joint exhibition with Tochigi-ken youth invention and innovation exhibition) held from October 3 (Fri) to October 5 (Sun) at Tochigi Science Museum, the patent “heat insulator” that our weight reduction and environmental technology embrella® is based on received an honorable mention award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Open period is 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm and entry is free. In addition to exhibition of technology locally developed by other companies, there are also unique inventions from children. If you have time, be sure to visit the Tochigi Science Museum.

Tochigi Science Museum
Industrial Technology Center of Tochigi Prefecture

Special Sale Exhibition

The regular Subaru special sales exhibition was held on July 20 (Sun). There was concern regarding the weather for the day it was to be held, but the forecast was way off. The weather was great during the exhibition.

A scene in the exhibition

Test drive of the new model Levorg prototype

Thanks to all from affiliated companies, the people in our community, and our employees, the exhibition ended safely and successfully.
We will continue to work for expansion with affiliated companies and all from the community.

Recognized again as a Frontier Corporation in Tochigi-ken

With our embrella® recognized as a superior technology and other exemplary activities, the company has been certified as a Tochigi-ken Frontier Corporation. The period of time the company will be certified as a frontier corporation is 3 years from June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2017. In order to keep up with this certification, the company will continue promoting embrella® and will allocate resources towards development of new technologies and products.IMG_1799.JPG

* Tochigi-ken Frontier Corporations are small to mid-sized companies that have business offices in the prefecture or large companies with their headquarters in Tochigi that have an excellent technology or product with high market share and who have implemented other exemplary activities as certified by the prefectural governor.

Establishment of FTIC

This is to report that a general meeting was held to establish Fukai Toyoetsu Indiana Corporation (FTIC) together with Toyoda Iron Works, a component manufacturer of Toyota Motors Corporation.FTIC設立株主総会全体写真.JPG

Start of construction for FTIC will be this summer (summer of 2014) in Indiana in the US. The main equipment will be large transfer presses, blanking presses, and welding machines. The main customer Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. (SIA) has indicated that they will raise their production capability to 400,000 vehicles by 2019 and FTIC will start operation aligned with this and will primarily produce automotive frame components.


FTIC Rendering

Established patent for embrella® in China

 We would like to announce that a patent number has been obtained for embrella®, our weight reduction and environmental technology, in China.

[Patent Number]

ZL 2008 8 0129618.0

 Patents were obtained in Germany and France in February this year and in USA, Russia, and Korea before that so China is the 6th country in which a patent has been obtained. Another part of the structure for fulfilling the requirement of providing supply globally has been achieved. Local operations as royalty business have already started production in India and Korea, and we would like to continue to work toward achieving even further market expansion.

Will have a display at the 2014 Automotive Engineering Exposition!

Will have a display at the 2014 Automotive Engineering Exposition this year as well.

This year we have various displays planned centered on the embrella® technology for weight reduction. Last year the first example that it was adopted for other than as a thermal barrier was introduced on the Subaru’s first hybrid car “XV Hybrid”.

This year the multi-layer specification used for the small truck Dost by Ashok Leyland in India, the first foreign application and three underfloor thermal barrier components used on the Korand C of Korean SsangYong that will launch this February will be made public for the first time.

Click on the following link for more information regarding the Automotive Engineering Exposition. This will take you to the official page for the exposition.

Automotive Engineering Exposition 2014

Visit from President Suzuki of Suzuki Motor Corporation!

This past April 15th (Tue), President and Representative Director Osamu Suzuki of Suzuki Motor Corporation visited Fukai.

He came to our company after a special lecture held at the Ashikaga Chamber of Commerce. After a brief explanation of our company, a tour of the plant was provided and embrella® was also explained.

Explaining environment and weight reduction technology embrella®

After a description of the company and touring the plant, though his schedule was tight, he cheerfully consented to a group picture with Fukai employees.

Commemorative photo taken with President and Representative Director Osamu Suzuki