Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.


Ceremony for commemoration of our 80th anniversary

On October 1, 2018, Fukai MFG. Co., Ltd. celebrated the 80th anniversary of its founding. We took the opportunity presented by this anniversary to hold a commemorative ceremony that was also imbued with the gratitude we always feel toward our customers. For our 80th anniversary, we likewise prepared a commemorative motion video that takes a retrospective look at our activities from our founding to the present.

Certification & registration under IATF 16949

Fukai has received certification by a third-party institution under IATF 16949, the international standard governing quality management systems especially for the automotive industry. Because this standard was developed from the former ISO/TS 16949 standard, many companies manufacturing automotive parts and components worldwide are taking aim at certification under it, and adopting it as the global procurement standard for future application.

Basic Policy on Information Security

Fukai MFG Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has determined basic policy on information security with an awareness that information on companies that are our clients or transaction partners and personal information obtained through corporate activities are precious assets. This policy was formulated with grave concern about the constant exposure of these information assets to threats such as falsification, destruction, and leakage, whether deliberate or accidental. Its objective is to address the agendum of information security on a both company-wide and ongoing basis, for rigorous assurance of the safety of information assets with a confidential character.
1. Information security management
The Company shall prepare a management organization and in-house rules related to information security, perform risk management concerning the handling of information assets, and continuously promote and improve information security.
2. Responsibility in leadership
The Company shall exercise leadership for proper management of the information assets of the Company and its clients, based on observance of this policy.
3. Observance of laws, regulations, etc.
The Company shall observe information-security-related laws and regulations, guidelines established by the Japanese government, obligations in contracts, and other social standards.
4. Activities of education for employees etc.
To assure information security, the Company shall strive to provide executives, employees, transaction partners, and consigned companies with the education and training needed to assure information security.
5. Accident prevention and countermeasures
The Company shall strive to maintain information security. In the unlikely event that problems occur in the security of information assets, however, it shall respond both swiftly and properly, and strive to prevent any recurrence.
October 1, 2018
Takeshi Fukai

New “Zeihen” Mid-term Business Policy Decided

With the completion of the previous mid-term business plan entitled “Step up to First Class,” a new mid-term business plan entitled “Zeihen” has been decided upon.
“Zeihen” Mid-term Business Policy
Period: April 1st, 2018 – March 31st, 2021
(81st term – 83rd term)
Transformation from an SME to a leading medium-sized company
“Securely and steadily towards the goal”
[Mid-term Basic Policy]
Be strong in the face of environmental changes, build a sturdy structure, depict our dream, and become a company capable of achieving this dream
[Mid-term Business Goals]
(1) Profit – Ensure sales and operating profit, and build up company capital
(2) Structure – Further nurturing of personnel, and improvement of morals
(3) America – Make FTIC independent
*Zeihen refers to a pupa shedding its tough skin as it transforms from a larva to an adult.

Selection as “Driving Company for the Regional Future”

Fukai MFG has been selected as a “Driving Company for the Regional Future” by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. A Driving Company for the Regional Future is a company that has a large impact on regional economies, has potential for growth, and plays a central role in the value chain for a regional economy (or has high expectations to do so) in view of the company’s dealings inside and outside of the region, employment, and sales.
With a focus on embrella® technology for weight reduction and the manufacturing of automobile components, we shall continue to develop technologies that can be applied in a range of industries and undertake activities to enable us to contribute to the development of the regional economy.

ISO14001:2015 Certification Obtained

With the revisions to the ISO14001 international environmental standards, Fukai has obtained certification for the new ISO14001:2015 standards.
Based on our environmental policy, we shall continue to work to ensure that our business activities are in harmony with our environment and are environmentally friendly.

Fukai MFG Joins Tochigi Support Group for Women’s Participation in Society

Japan’s Tochigi prefecture has established the Tochigi Women’s Participation Support Group to provide wide-ranging support for female participation in society. The purpose of this initiative is to tackle issues regarding female societal participation through a prefecture-wide collaboration between companies, municipalities, and all other such entities. Fukai MFG fully supports this initiative, and has decided to participate.
Currently, the group holds a monthly “Women’s Academy” aimed at transforming women’s understanding and perceptions.

Fukai becomes the official shirt sponsor of Tochigi Uva FC

Fukai is now the official shirt sponsor of Tochigi Uva FC, a professional soccer team based in Tochigi city in Tochigi prefecture, and who play in the J3 division of the JFL (Japan Football League). Fukai hopes to provide support to the region through sports so that it may develop and achieve greater vibrancy.

*Photo (from left): Katsuhiko Iwahara (representative director, Tochigi Uva FC), Takeshi Fukai (president, Fukai MFG), XXXX Fukuda (executive director, Fukai MFG), Yoji Sakai (team manager, Tochigi Uva FC)
Comment from President Takeshi Fukai
I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to be the official shirt sponsor of Tochigi Uva FC, who take part in the nationwide soccer league from their base in southern Tochigi prefecture.
We support the team and hope that it inspires local children as well as providing the spark to create a vibrant region.

Completion of the New Factory at the Komaba Plant

Fukai MFG has completed the setup of a new factory at the Komaba plant.
It includes an engineering factory where new molds are manufactured, as well as a research facility. In the engineering factory, starting with the 5-axis processing machine, the equipment has been transferred from the Otsuki plant. Since the equipment is installed in the optimum space, mold manufacturing is performed at a faster speed than before. The research facility is where not just molds are designed, but new technologies for the future are researched.
Solar panels have also been installed on the roof. This research facility has been constructed in view of the environment

Participation in the Automotive Engineering Exposition

Fukai MFG will again participate in this year’s Automotive Engineering Exposition.
The Automotive Engineering Exposition is a special expo for automobile-related technology for the engineers and researchers working at the cutting edge of the automobile industry. While continuing to challenge ourselves in the ever-progressing automobile industry we shall continue to develop, and we are proud to have some of the largest exhibits in Japan.
The 2016 expo is the first to be held in both Yokohama and Nagoya in the same year since 2014, and Fukai MFG will have exhibitions at both venues.


Our exhibitions will focus on mass production case studies for our patented embrella® technology. Thus far, Fukai MFG has received the Minister’s Prize (Ministry of Environment) and many other prizes from ministries and prefectures for our light weight environmental technology. As well as the automobile industry, we believe that embrella® can be used in many other fields, and we hope to fulfill our responsibility as a company by in the future contributing to the prevention of global warming and environmental protection on a global scale.
Fukai MFG booth numbers are 256 (Yokohama) and 33 (Nagoya). We look forward to seeing you at the exposition.

We are Participating in the TECH Biz EXPO 2015!

TECH Biz EXPO is a huge exposition in the Chukyo region that is held through the sponsorship and cooperation of several autonomous bodies and charitable corporations including the Nagoya city. It has been clearly stated that this exposition is
(1) A place to match the demand for advanced technologies and solution proposals with corporate needs that arise as a result of development of prior arts and new products.
(2) A place where one can associate with not only different countries, autonomous bodies, universities, and public research organizations, but also with several industrial organizations and associated companies, and where modern technologies that help resolve technical issues from an academic and job-site point of view are offered.
In the past, embrella® has mostly participated in expositions held in the Kanto region, and therefore, the opportunities of having a direct conversation with customers from the west of the central part were limited. Last year too, we participated in an exposition held at the Port Messe Nagoya Hall, but this exposition is held every other year, and it was the first time we participated. Although this exposition offers limited opportunities, we would like to increase transactions with various companies that lie to the west of the central region.
At the TECH BIZ EXPO, we would be exhibiting latest case examples, such as the example of mass production of heat insulating panels, as well as aluminum battery covers manufactured by embrella® that have been widely adopted in Subaru Impreza Sport HYBRID. Moreover, embrella® has won the “Good Design Award 2015”, and has received high evaluation not only for functionality but also for design. The first exposition after winning this award would be the TECH Biz EXPO 2015. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing everybody at the exposition.
The entry charges for the exposition are 1,000 yen/person. Entry is free for persons bearing invitation cards, those who have registered beforehand from the website, students, and foreign visitors.

Good Design Exhibition

embrella® is to be introduced as an award winning product at the Good Design Exhibition, which will be held from October 30th (Fri.) to November 4th (Wed.) at Tokyo Midtown and will feature all Good Design products from this year.
A sample that demonstrates embrella®’s characteristic lightness and strength will be available, so we look forward to see you there.

embrella® receives the 2015 Good Design Award!!

Fukai’s patended “embrella®” technology has received the 2015 Good Design Award (held by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion).
embrella® is mainly used in underfloor thermal barriers for automobiles. embrella® takes advantage of a rigidity that makes it resilient to force from any direction in order to achieve both thinness and lightness alongside secondary press formability that allows it to be formed into complex shapes. Fukai has also secured a patent for embrella®’s unique design, which is based on naturally occurring honeycomb structures. Although it was initially adopted as a component that almost no end users ever had the chance to see, with this award, Fukai intends to go forward and promote embrella®’s brand image with functionality backed design and development in mind.
* The Good Design Award
The Good Design Award has its origins in the Good Design Product Selection System that was established in 1957, and is Japan’s only comprehensive evaluation and promotion movement for design. Over the past 59 years it has developed as a movement to improve Japanese industry and lifestyle culture through design, and to date a total of 40,000 awards have been given. Nowadays, it is a global design award in which both Japanese and overseas companies, groups, and other organizations participate, and the Good Design Award’s “G-Mark” symbol is now widely known as a symbol that indicates excellence in design.

Will participate in the 19th Mechanical Components and Materials Technology Expo

Our company too will participate in the 19th Mechanical Components and Materials Technology Expo (m-tech) that will be held at Tokyo Big Site from June 24 (Wed) to June 26 (Fri). This is a specialized technology expo where machine elements such as shaft bushes, bearings, screws, and springs, and processing technologies of metals and resins will be collectively displayed in one hall. Every year, users from the manufacturing industry, particularly from the design and development, and manufacturing and production technology departments turn out in large numbers, and hold discussions with the exhibiting companies.
This time, through the courtesy of the Tochigi Industrial Promotion Center (Public interest incorporated foundation), we are participating as a company from the Tochigi prefecture. Our booth number is 53-14 East.
Please see below for details

Will participate in the Automotive Engineering Exposition

Speaking of the Automotive Engineering Exposition, the “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2015” will be sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. as an automotive engineering specialized exposition for engineers and researchers who play an active role in the front line of the automotive industry. This year too the exposition will be held at the usual site, which is the Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall (from May 20 (Wed) to May 22 (Fri)).
At our booth, we plan to exhibit frames of cars, which constitute the main group of products for which we receive orders, with the focus on mass production press components of the light-weight environment technology embrella®. We would surely like you all to know more about the attractiveness of embrella®. We look forward to seeing everyone at the exposition.