Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.


New “Zeihen” Mid-term Business Policy Decided

With the completion of the previous mid-term business plan entitled “Step up to First Class,” a new mid-term business plan entitled “Zeihen” has been decided upon.
“Zeihen” Mid-term Business Policy
Period: April 1st, 2018 – March 31st, 2021
(81st term – 83rd term)
Transformation from an SME to a leading medium-sized company
“Securely and steadily towards the goal”
[Mid-term Basic Policy]
Be strong in the face of environmental changes, build a sturdy structure, depict our dream, and become a company capable of achieving this dream
[Mid-term Business Goals]
(1) Profit – Ensure sales and operating profit, and build up company capital
(2) Structure – Further nurturing of personnel, and improvement of morals
(3) America – Make FTIC independent
*Zeihen refers to a pupa shedding its tough skin as it transforms from a larva to an adult.