Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.


Fukai’s Environmental Policy

Fukai recognizes that conservation of the environment is a most important issue for all people and is under taking corporate initiatives toward conservation of the global environment and being a company that is in harmony with and friendly to the environment in various aspects of business activities.

1. Working to make company policy a principle of having business operations pleasing to the regional community.
2. Build an environmental management system and through full participation strive to achieve continuous improvement.
3. Comply with ordinances, regulations, and regional agreements related to the environment and strive to make environmental improvement and proactively prevent pollution.
4. Define targets and goals for improvement of the environment, take action, and revise these periodically.
5. Of the affects our company’s business operations have on the environment, focus improvement initiatives on the following items.

(1) Proactive initiatives to reduce energy consumption, use of resources, and waste, and to prevent environmental pollution.
(2) Profitable initiatives for better development of the environment.
(3) By focusing on business operations, environmental improvement should not remain within the company but employ improvement activities in cooperation with other companies.