Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.


FA and CIM

The essence of FA is converting production to unmanned. In addition, use of CIM is to support people.
The starting point for concurrent construction of FA and CIM at FUKAI is harmony between people and machinery. By embodying the ideas and creativity of people through machinery, we can realize the possibility of this harmony.

Further enhancement of service to customers based on CIM configuration
CIM configuration that integrates all business information from receipt of order to product delivery to enable thorough manufacturing engineering control and quality control based on management themes. In addition to providing highly precise products through manufacturing technology, switching to CIM has enabled a significant level of improvement in customer service through high performance quality production.

Fukai has integrated technical prowess for enhanced die design, system design, press, welding, assembly, and processing enabling reliability at a solid cost performance and maintaining high quality. The level of ability to endure times of a drop in prices provides energy for opening up the next era.

Advancing on a global scale as a comprehensive manufacturer engaged in sheet metal forming including die design, press, weld, and assembly processing
Fukai supports user needs through perfect engineering and design capability from highly accurate die design with CAD/CAM and production, to press, welding, and assembly processing. The basic stance of Fukai is thoroughly prioritizing the customer through quality assurance, adherence to deadlines, and low cost, etc. and pursuit of reliability in the face of global price competition through which we are proving our value.

Establishment of control technology realizes superior “own-process completion,” quality assurance as an absolute condition
Fukai has established control technology for superior “own-process completion” based on CIM to improve product value through leveling up of various tests, completed product features, strength tests, etc. and the conventional quality assurance structure from material tests to production processes as well as to address differentiation issues. Based on a detailed quality assurance plan, all business information from storing of materials, transport, processing, inspection, assembly, testing, and shipping is centralized for control. Also, in the Manufacturing Department, a system where robots themselves can perform measurement and quality verification has been introduced enabling compatibility with higher level needs through control technology set up with quality assurance as an absolute condition.

A flexible management stance, humane organization, and unshakeable technology are what provides Fukai its power
A flexible management stance that continually challenges new themes such as FA and CIM initiatives and ambitiously innovates regarding quality and cost strengthening adaptability to changing times as well as achieving a best environment for accumulating technology and know-how demanded by new eras and reflected in the humane organization development that trains the creativity of engineers. Fukai’s efforts are in being a worldwide pioneer in capital investment, having flexibility in introduction of departments with consideration for its people, as well as unshakeable technology and this provides a power for opening up the future.

Goal is to cultivate advanced technology that has been standardized and contribute through expansion into all industries both vertically and horizontally
How to link technical capability to the future through contributions based on continuously pushing innovation? Switching to FA, CIM has enabled advanced technology that was obtained to grow into production and control technology at an even higher level and has left a new challenge of being able to provide users with overall higher quality products at lower cost. Product backed by superior technology, manufacturing capability, and control capability has been confirmed to be able to support the needs of a broader field and through further cultivation of the system, is targeted to help users through manufacturing of product that can hold up to international competition.