Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.


embrella® receives the 2015 Good Design Award!!

Fukai’s patended “embrella®” technology has received the 2015 Good Design Award (held by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion).
embrella® is mainly used in underfloor thermal barriers for automobiles. embrella® takes advantage of a rigidity that makes it resilient to force from any direction in order to achieve both thinness and lightness alongside secondary press formability that allows it to be formed into complex shapes. Fukai has also secured a patent for embrella®’s unique design, which is based on naturally occurring honeycomb structures. Although it was initially adopted as a component that almost no end users ever had the chance to see, with this award, Fukai intends to go forward and promote embrella®’s brand image with functionality backed design and development in mind.
* The Good Design Award
The Good Design Award has its origins in the Good Design Product Selection System that was established in 1957, and is Japan’s only comprehensive evaluation and promotion movement for design. Over the past 59 years it has developed as a movement to improve Japanese industry and lifestyle culture through design, and to date a total of 40,000 awards have been given. Nowadays, it is a global design award in which both Japanese and overseas companies, groups, and other organizations participate, and the Good Design Award’s “G-Mark” symbol is now widely known as a symbol that indicates excellence in design.