Fukai MFG Co., Ltd.

Company Vision

Fukai’s Company Policy

The company policy of Fukai is "3 Highs and 3 Joys".
The main goal is that the company, employees, and customers can come together and make a positive contribution to society.
3 Highs (High Efficiency, High Profit, and High Income)
3 Joys (Customer is Joyful, Company is Joyful, Employee is Joyful)

Mid-long term business policy [Challenge 200]

Mid-long term business policy [Challenge 200]
Period: (April, 2012 to March, 2015)
(Term 75 to term 77)

What [Challenge 200] means:
Together achieve sales revenue of 20 Billion yen by Thinking, with Speed and Communication

[Basic policy]
(1) Set "APQP" as the foundation of production focusing on launch quality and achieve an overwhelming quality innovation(Overwhelming Quality)
(2) Achieve an overwhelming cost innovation through "Production innovation (overall production cost reduction of 50%)" and "Establishment of new technology"
       (Overwhelming Cost)
(3) The overall foundation is "People" and this forms the base of Fukai so initiatives to improve skills for all employees through mutual diligent study are to be taken
April, 2012 to March, 2015

[Action Guidelines]
Reach goals through speed, communication, and thinking

* "APQP" (acronym for Advanced Product Quality Planning) means the advanced quality planning of new product development.
Activities that are carried out in the development stage of new components
in consideration of former difficulties to create higher quality products.